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Privacy Policy

Our website address is: https://influentialkids.org/

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy establishes the terms in which INFLUENTIAL KIDS protects the information that is provided by its users when using its website. This company is committed to the security of its users’ data. When we ask you to fill in the personal information fields with which you can be identified, we do so to ensure that it will only be used under the terms of this document. However, this Privacy Policy’s terms and conditions may change over time or be updated, and we will send a notice when such changes and updates occur to reestablish provider agreement.


  • Please protect your privacy.
  • Set password periodically to prevent other people from easily inferring it.
  • Update the programs of PC and mobile devices to the latest version.
  • Do not download any suspicious files or applications.
  • Do not use an unsecured wireless network.
  • Do not do financial transactions with public PCs and always log out of logged-in sites.
  • Do not store important information on your PC or smartphone, such as copies of identification, bank security card, etc.
  • When you discard or change your PC/mobile devices, be sure to format them so that no data remains.
  • When using SNS (Social Network Service), set the privacy bounds to private or friends only.

Information that is collected

Our website may collect personal information such as names, demographic information, and contact information such as your email address. Likewise, when necessary, specific information such as physical addresses may be required to process an order or make a delivery.

Use of collected information

INFLUENTIAL KIDS is highly committed to fulfilling the commitment to keep your information secure. We use advanced systems and constantly update them to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.


A cookie refers to a file that is sent to request permission to be stored on your computer. By accepting said file, a cookie is created and then serves to have information regarding web traffic, and also facilitates future visits to a website recurrently. Another function that cookies have is that the websites can recognize you individually and therefore provide you with the best-personalized service on their website.

Our website uses cookies to identify the pages that are visited and the frequency of visitation. This information is used only for statistical analysis and then the information is permanently removed. You can delete cookies at any time from your computer. However, cookies help to provide better service from the websites; they do not give access to information from your computer or you unless you want it and provide it directly. You can accept or deny the use of cookies, however, most browsers accept cookies automatically as it serves to have a better web service. You can also change your computer settings to decline cookies. If declined, you may not be able to use some of our services.

Links to Third Parties

This website may contain links to other sites that may be of interest to you. Once you click on these links and leave our page, we no longer have control over the site you are redirected to and therefore we are not responsible for the terms of privacy or the protection of your data on third-party sites. These sites are subject to their privacy policies, so it is recommended that you consult them to confirm that you agree with the policies.

This company will not sell, assign, or distribute the personal information that is collected without your consent unless required by a judge with a court order. INFLUENTIAL KIDS reserves the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time.